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London Affordable Housing (2019)

In light of the ongoing rapid urban development in the London area, individuals and families with lower and moderate incomes find themselves unable to meet the economic demands imposed by the soaring housing prices prevalent in the city. Consequently, this predicament has directly resulted in a myriad of pressing social issues, including the inability to secure a proper education and safe environment for children, a surge in homelessness, and an exacerbation of social tensions. To address and alleviate this situation, I propose the conceptual endeavor of an Affordable Housing Strategy.

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Design Concept

Primarily, the Affordable Housing Project strives to foster and assist individuals from diverse social strata in transforming their current living conditions. To this end, I propose augmenting the traditional British Land Trust System with innovative elements, thus introducing a novel model of community operation. In this operational framework, the community assumes the role of a resource exchange conduit between different social classes, actively encouraging skilled workers to provide the proletariat with fundamental technical education. This approach facilitates reduced rental costs, enabling them to accumulate capital and expedite their departure from social housing arrangements.

Furthermore, I have introduced the notion of a Classified Public Space and Sharing Mechanism aimed at diminishing the rental area of residents' dwellings, thereby alleviating their financial burdens. To implement such a mechanism effectively, I have devised a resident-centric mobile application that empowers community members to customize their own homes while ensuring the smooth operation of this mechanism.

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